Nineteenth Century Hair Fashion

In the 19th century, men began to favor the shorter hairstyles. Facial hair that used to be so common in one decade went away completely in the next only to make a comeback in the following decade. In mid-century Naples, the government was so against mustaches that it directed police to shave it off, offenders. … Read moreNineteenth Century Hair Fashion

Hairstyles and Fashion: History of Hairstyling Culture

Standards for beauty have changed tremendously depending on the time and the place. As long as we remain social animals, hairdressing will always have a role to play in the quest for status and reproduction. “Humans” according to Robin Bryer “are unique in two aspects of their behavior: wearing clothes and having their hair cut … Read moreHairstyles and Fashion: History of Hairstyling Culture

Eighteenth Century Hairstyles and Trends

In the 18th century, a lot of focus shifted to women’s hair and the impressive amounts of headdresses of the middle decades became a reminder of the old regime and the excesses in fashion. Coiffures got to the peak of exaggeration in the 1770s and Wendy Cooper describes them as “a certain Madame de Lauzun” … Read moreEighteenth Century Hairstyles and Trends

Renaissance Hairstyles and Fashion

At this point in history, whatever arrangement is made, hairstyles quickly became one of those sayings of international art that spread fashion across the globe. The standards were variety and innovation. Some women shaved off their foreheads and were left looking highbrow like Elizabeth 1 who was popular for her many perukes. Women preferred their … Read moreRenaissance Hairstyles and Fashion

Middle Ages Hair Styles

The European culture went through a period of revival in the middle ages and this brought back things like international fashion which was inclusive of coiffures. Hairstyles varied in northern and southern Europe and if the comeback of fashion stood for anything, it was the fact that coiffures very well-known at one point turned out … Read moreMiddle Ages Hair Styles

Pre-Raphaelites Hairstyles

The Pre-Raphaelites had several paintings in their possession that signified a specific image of Arthurian damsels and knights. Some evidence indicates that the interval between the exit of the Romans and the entry of the Normans in England gravitated towards locks and facial hair for the men. But in reality, there is very small documentation … Read morePre-Raphaelites Hairstyles

Hair Culture of Ancient Romans

The Romans initially imitated the Greeks and then came up with their own innovative hairstyles that align with their own imperial ethics. Men usually carry short hairs and this came to be known as the “Titus”. Catered to by the barbers who were employed at the marketplaces and open baths, or even slaves, these men, … Read moreHair Culture of Ancient Romans

Fashion and Hairstyling of Ancient Greeks

The ancient Greeks came up with the beauty salon. A place where women could come gather around and have their cheeks blanched with white lead and have their hair dressed in various artistic ways. Sometimes they had their hair dyed bright red or blue colors. Spartan brides used to crop their hair: Athenians covered their … Read moreFashion and Hairstyling of Ancient Greeks

Hairstyles of Early Civilizations

According to archaeological studies, early Egyptians used to wear their natural hair in tight braids. It all changed when wigs were discovered. This gave way for cutting the hair short or shaving it. Young boys still kept their hair but those who could afford the wigs wore them mostly on special occasions. Specialists came up … Read moreHairstyles of Early Civilizations

Modern Hairdressing (20 and 21 centuries)

When an exceptional hairdresser Marcel Grateau from Paris, in the mid-1880s discovered an ingenious way to give hair a beautiful and wavy look with a soft texture, it ushered in a new era of modern hairdressing. Rendering the postiches and fancy Bijoux redundant. The new Marcel wave was the in-thing and greatly simplified women’s hairstyles. … Read moreModern Hairdressing (20 and 21 centuries)